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Einige Beispiele für die Verwendung der von Mario Reinsch und mir erstellten Musik, die bei Extreme Music veröffentlich ist.

Hier von Elite Daily.

How To Master The Perfect Irish Exit [Gen Why]

Published on Mar 15, 2016

Whether it's to get food, get lucky or just go home, we're all guilty of an Irish Exit. It doesn't matter why you didn't tell anyone you left the bar; it's usually just a better idea to go home, enjoy this video and order Seamless by yourself. "Generation whY" is back for its sixth season to remind you Irish Exits are never good. Because when your drunk ass wanders off, your friends are left to assume you're dead somewhere, and then it's like, who gets what?

Meet the Marijuana Don of Hollywood [INSIGHTS]

Published on May 4, 2017

LA's Great Gatsby of Ganja shatters the stoner stereotype with his multi-million dollar cannabis company.

How Snapchat Star YesJulz Parties In Miami For A Living [HOTSPOT]

Published on Aug 11, 2015

[Sponsored by T-Mobile] YesJulz aka Director of Vibes takes us along for a world tour summer. We kick it all off in Miami, the city of sun, where pool parties are regular occurrences and looking your finest is a must. Julz, of YesJulz, gives us an exclusive pass into the life of a social media influencer. She’s built her brand on the motto #NEVERNOTWORKING, and believe us, that’s no lie! Always on the move, Julz relies on her phone as a way to continue building her brand and connecting with her fans. Whether she’s teaming up with music festivals, traveling for an event or just enjoying the ride, Julz is the perfect representation of a mobile world. So check out this boss lady; she’s guaranteed to make things exciting!

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